Sunday, 20 January 2013

Safe Driving compiled a list of safe driving songs based on a research done by professor Simon Moore of London Metropolitan University. Simon Moore collected data and concluded that anything between 55 to 65 decibels is safe for driving. Also, the ideal tempo of music one should listen while driving must not exceed the average human heart rate that is 60 to 80 beats per minute. Moore also concluded that listening to heavy and fast songs while driving tend to increase our heart rate and we are more likely to push the gas paddle. Although listening to heavy and fast music gives an adrenaline rush to the head but this could prove to be fatal, while on road.  

According to the list compiled by, Coldplay's mega hit 'The Scientist' is on the top. Coldplay's soothing music could be a stress buster and a safe driving track at the same time. This list also features various hit songs from different artist like Radiohead's 'Karma Police' and Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer'.

Drive safe. Enjoy.

Flipkart Books

The online retail giant in India, Flipkart has turned the tables in the book market. Online books purchasing has become a common trend. Sometimes you can get books at best price on Flipkart. Anytime you browse a category you can get reasonable discount on most of the books . With minimal shipment charge and fast delivery Flipkart has won the hearts of indian consumers.

Being a regular customer, I have observed that every time I made my payments before delivery I found out that the book was defected in some or the other way and every time I paid them upon the delivery of the shipment, I couldn't complaint. I can not say if its a mere coincidence. But if its not a coincidence one must be very careful while paying any e-commerce website before the shipment is delivered.

Payment-on-delivery is the latest trend. It has flourished in India because people were not comfortable with online payments. The success of e-commerce in India is highly dependent on the scheme of payment on delivery. Based on my experience, I strongly suggest the method of payment-on -delivery should be the only choice. Considering ill-business practises, which parishes in our country, we cannot trust a any vendor blindly whether its our local shop-wala or a huge multi-brand retail store.

Next time you purchase anything online, make sure you do a quality check before you pay them.      


Music For Studying

Another common problem we face every day is that when we have an exam next day, suddenly our flat mates or neighbours decide to party like its their last day on earth. You plug-in your ear phones, so you can concentrate on your lessons but what happens is you get lost in the songs. A research have proved that there are various genres of music which can really help you to concentrate on your work while it keeps on playing in the background. Without going into details of different frequency bandwidth and desired beats per second, here is a list of tracks that can help you concentrate on your studies and enjoy music at the same time and obviously you will be able to avoid outside commotion.  


Also, I will vouch for '8tracks' its a fabulous music sharing site for every genre. Do sign-up.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Most Essential Apps

Having a smart phone has become a necessity . Be it an iPhone or an android or a blackberry or any other, every one has got one. A recent stats show that 8 out of every 10 mobile phone users uses a smart phone. Not only first world countries but rising economies like the BRICS is  a major market for smart phones. Another survey shows people in India , especially youngsters commonly called as GEN-Y are addicted to their phones to such an extent that 35 % of them wont even go to toilet without their phones.

What makes these smart phones addictive are the little packages called apps. These can be,  a fun game or social networking app or a business utility. Apps are the soul of the smart phones.

Below are the some of the most essential apps one needs to have on their phone(any platform). If you have recently purchased a brand new smart phone make sure you download each of them.

  • WHATSAPP : Internet based messenger. Think of it as a BBM open to all.

  • FACEBOOK : NO comments here. Every one is an addict. You gotta have it.

  • ZOMATO : Find  top restaurants  to dine out in your location . Easy to use interface and    helpful reviews.

  • BOOK-MY-SHOW : Book movie tickets on your phone.

  • TWITTER : The micro-blogging revolution. Provides apps for various platforms.

  • INSTAGRAM : One of the new members in social media. Excellent way to share photos.

  • FLIPBOARD : Organize your news by choosing your interests.

  • GOOGLE MAPS : Most convenient navigation application.

  • TRUECALLER : Missed call from unknown number? Truecaller tells you whose number is it.

  • WORDWEB : One of the most comprehensive dictionaries available. 

Above list is not in any particular order. These are my personal favourites. Do comment on the post with your own list :)

HTTPS Security Threat

Nokia, though going through a patchy time yet manages 35% market share in India. Xpress a fast-loading browser used in Nokia mobiles, including low range handsets allegedly peeps into your personal information. While the browser is technically efficient in giving its users a fast internet access on their hand-held devices it can access your banking sessions and other private information.

Xpress browser is capable of decrypting data sent through HTTPS connection. HTTPS connection includes e-mails, social networking , banking transactions etc . However Nokia has denied the allegation by saying that they are not intended to spy on their customers. The company says that though they can access the sensitive data, yet they are only using it for providing better services to its users.

The company has admitted that they have an access to the sensitive information sent through HTTPS connections. It makes very difficult for the users to access internet without a threat to his/her private information. Intrusion of Nokia in ones private information is an alarming issue and must not be taken lightly. We must immediately stop using xpress browsers for emails, social networking and especially for banking.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Newbie investor's motivation

Saving money and making an expenditure plan is not everyone's cup of tea. Surveys have found out, there is serious lack of investment knowledge among the youth in India. Specially people aged from 18 -25 hardly take personal finances seriously. The lack of interest in ones own personal finance motivates these notorious banks to swindle. They have done it in the past . We are more vulnerable to these tricks when we do not have sufficient knowledge as it is easy to get lost in between big financial jargons.

It has been proved that a meticulous investment planning assures financial stability even in the dark times of recession in the economy. All it takes, is a little research and analysis in various capital markets. 

While surfing the youtube, I found out this small 30 min movie called "one idiot" by the director of "Tare Zameen Par ", Mr Amol Gupte. This Movie is an IDFC foundation initiative to enlighten the youth of the country and motivate them to be financially independent. Have a look and please let me know you views.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Tapri - the tea house review

Small place. Sub-urban locality. Tapri- The Tea house is surrounded by houses and coaching centres in Everest colony, Tonk road and owners are till now successful in giving it a small-tea-shop appearance. The interior is done with raw and crude wooden furniture that one expects in small tea shop by the road. The cutlery used is, old-fashioned kettles n' khullars and peculiar tea shop glass. the place is always crowded. Weekdays and weekends do not matter. Tapri attracts mostly students and middle-aged boys and girls as it is a perfect spot for people to lounge, chat and socialize.

Apart from the attractive interior of the place, Tapri's glory spreads due to its exclusive taste in Tea.
Numerous variety of teas are included in the menu each one as piquant as the other, makes it difficult to choose. Not only tea, the food includes snacks basically from Indian and Italian cuisine which are as delicious as it gets. The place has a comfortable lounge with indoor and outdoor seating and paid wifi facility.

The place attracts huge crowd gathering which some times make it difficult to get a table, as the place becomes houseful. Also, with large number of people the service becomes poor. The music played, sometimes cannot be called a quality music not due to song selection but due poor music system quality.

Overall, the place gives a great experience and probably the most delicious tea you can ever have. If you are person who loves to socialize and hangout then Tapri is the best place you can find in Jaipur. Tapri-The Tea House is totally worth the money you spend here and let me tell you, you can not spend much here, as it is insanely pocket friendly.  


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Apple Earpods

Apple had worked on its earphones, for quite a long now. Finally they released it with the latest version of iphone and ipod. Firstly we have to admit that the earphones which came earlier were unable to compete with the major players in the earphones/headset industry. One who desired better quality sound and comfortable ear plugs used a Bose or Sennhieser head set with their ipod.

After a three year research in sound quality production and structure of human ear, Apple launched this iconic design. For the very first time there is a deviation in the outer design of the earphone. The new earpods are not flat and round instead the shape is like a waterdrop and the tapering end has speakers, which puts sound directly in your ear canal. This ingenious design mainly aims at achieving greater comfort in ears while listening to your favourite music.

Physically, This new version is light weight, sleek and has an iconic waterdrop shape that made it more comfortable. Unlike the in-ear technology it didn't get stuck to your ear canal but still produce a noise cancelation effect as the sound is directly oriented in the ear canal. while, the speakers are at the tapring end, still the sound seems to come out if you are listening at a greater volume.

Regarding sound quality, This is the best we have seen from Apple in the earphones segment. The sound quality has greatly improved as compared to the earlier versions of Apple earphones. The sound produced is more detailed and depth can be felt. One can easily distinguish between the sound produced by various musical instruments. The bass is slightly high as compared to the earlier earphones, which gives more depth to the music, one is listening and gives a better experience to the user.

Comparing the new earpods with other major players such as Bose, Sennhieser or Skull Candy within same range one can say that, Apple is still lagging. But Apple conquered the territory of comfort which makes it a tough rival and worth trying product.     



Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Itunes v/s Flyte

 Talking  about a convenient and legit source to get digital media in India, we do not have plenty of choices. CDs are already outdated. Buying a CD and transferring music to your computer , mobile phone or ipod, every now and then is an arduous task. Online digital music stores such as itunes by Apple or Flyte by Flipkart are in their nascent state. Though itunes came in india as a media player but its music store had no Indian version. One can buy music, but in USD and as compared to Indian currency those media files were relatively expensive(99 cents for a song). This year (2012) itunes 11 was launched. It came with major changes in its interface and display and an Indian store  where we can buy Indian music, movies and apps.

Flipkart, online retail giant in India launched Flyte to sell MP3 files online. These files can be downloaded once you buy the song. Prices of single MP3 files varies something between Rs 10 - Rs 15 in Flyte. Which is a very nominal price as compared to 99 cents for a song(which was offered by itunes before). In itunes store price is slightly higher than the Flipkart version. But both sources assures quality product. Though itunes is slightly costlier but it gives better interface to interact with the store and rarely gives you an error. A wide variety of media is available in both the stores to pacify the Indian taste. You can have from Bollywood classic flicks to best of international Jazz music, all you have to do is just press few keys on your keyboard. 

In a country like India, where piracy parasitize the music industry it is very difficult to establish a market for purchasing music and movies. Why would any one like to buy music when it is available for free? But cheap prices and smooth and easy to use interface of upcoming e-commerce websites   can tempt people to buy songs and this can eventually curb piracy and illegal distribution of the creative work.  

Online media purchasing is worth giving a try if you are looking for some efficient way to organize your personal media library and at same time you can fight piracy and prove your worth to society.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New generation of ads

In Last few years we have seen a lot of financial crises all over the world, be it USA or the Europe or India itself. We saw economies melting, bubbles busting and people going job less.
when we try to analyse the situation we find that root of all evil is mismanagement by the government and financial institutions such as various banks. 

On the positive side, people these days are becoming more aware of the present scenario. The voracious corporate greed is no more a secret to working class. In all parts of the world people are protesting, marching down the street and occupying the wall street. In this process, most big players in the banking industry such as city group, JP Morgan , Morgan Stanley etc. All have lost their reputation. People do not trust these consumer and investment banks any more. 

Any form of banking is not possible when there is no trust between the bank and its clients.So here we have a new strategy towards the trust building. The latest advertisement strategy used by these banks is altogether a different move which was totally unexpected.

Here is a recent ad by Dankse Bank. A banking giant. In the ad people are gathering and protesting on the street and suddenly there is revolution that brings new ideas and sets new standards. The ad is generally interpreted like the bank is apologising for its misdeeds in the past and promises to deliver better services in future. Here is another ad running on Indian television : Max New York Life Insurance.

The advertiser is again concerned of the ethical ways and tries to prove that their financial group is completely legit and can be trusted with our life savings.

In this new era of advertising what we can observe is that common people are no more taken for granted by the banking industry. The clients are getting smarter. Its not easy for the banks to fool them and make profits out of their hard-earned money. But the prime question is still unanswered, whether these banking giants will adopt the ethical ways or will they continue walking on their notorious path. Only time can tell.